Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Spring!

It's Spring...well at least for now. In the past week we have had great weather in Tennessee, although it is supposed to get cold again. There are several things that I enjoy when I come to this time of the year.

Basketball is ending and both of my teams are going to the NAIA national tournament next week. I am fortunate enough to get to go with one of them. I am going to Jackson, TN with the Lady Flames. The proximity of the tournament allows April and Abby to come over during April's Spring Break if the girls advance.

Spring training has begun. It is a time of new hope where every team has a chance of going to the World Series. My Yankees are poised to make a run with great off season moves to get new players. I love watching baseball throughout the Summer and hopefully I will get to go see my perennially hapless Reds at least once. I'm looking forward to Abigail's first MLB game. She has been to a Lee University game.

Finally golf has begun. It won't be long until the greatest golf event of the year - The Master's. Tiger is back and so I now I can watch weekly as he attempts to dominate the field and continue his run as the greatest golfer ever. April even gets into on Sunday afternoon when Tiger is in contention.

Spring also brings some emotions that I don't really enjoy. March 28 will mark 2 years since my brother passed away. So when trees bloom (especially forsythia), the final horn blows on basketball season, and some of my favorite things begin, a weight seems to bear down on us for a while. We are doing as well as we can be and the Lord has shown us much grace. So as we move into this great time of the year it is with a heavy heart for me as I assume it will always be.

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